Operating Philosophy

The founding operating philosophy of American Renal Associates (ARA) has always been that the physicians and staff who treat the patients make ARA into the excellent company we strive to be. The following principles support this belief and drive the operations of ARA:

  • Take good care of the patients and the financial success will follow.
  • Enable the nephrologist to practice as he/she sees appropriate.
  • Provide the nephrologist the autonomy to make operational decisions.
  • Acknowledge that facility staff members are a critical and valuable asset. Do everything possible to hire and retain the best possible staff.
  • Listen to the practitioners and provide the tools needed to take excellent care of their patients.
  • The Corporate office works for our staff, our doctors and our patients.

ARA first came to Colorado in 2008 starting with 5 clinics and has doubled in size since this time. ARA continues to grow as it meets the needs of the kidney disease population in the Colorado region; ARA continues to monitor Colorado to better meet the needs of the kidney patient community. It is because of ARA’s unique philosophies about dialysis that have turned ARA into one of the largest dialysis companies in the country.

ARA is a leading provider of outpatient dialysis services in the United States, focused on patient centered care, community involvement, and Nephrologist driven care. At ARA dialysis clinics and home dialysis programs are developed and supported by the Nurses, Doctors, and Technicians who directly oversee the patient. At ARA, our clinics are run by Nephrologists with the support of the clinical staff that has a vested interest in the clinic’s patients. It is because of this model, that ARA has the freedom to truly adapt care, treatment, and clinic standards to meet the needs of each individual that chooses to have services with ARA. With ARA, the nephrologist is a partner of the dialysis clinic, this allows for the Nephrologist to have complete decision making power for his or her clinic. ARA never gets in the way of what the Nephrologists and staff think is best for the patients. Instead, ARA supports the Nephrologist to make these decisions – as a result, ARA is able to truly work at ensuring patient outcomes are the best that they can be for each individual patient that treats at one of the ARA kidney centers. Our patients say that they feel safe and comfortable at ARA clinics that they are treated with dignity and respect, and that facilities exceed the highest standards for cleanliness.

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For admissions please contact the local clinic in your area.